You and I...we have something in common: our LOVE of photography. But we both know that just starting out in this industry can be a struggle. Every part of it is new. I want to help bridge that gap between your love for what you do and the confidence you're searching for in your business. Together we can get you started out on the right foot with custom digital branding that truly captures who you are and the magic you make behind the camera. And I can be your support system for all the behind the scenes tasks so you can spend your precious time on what you do best. I believe in your big dreams, and have the tools to help you get there. 



The Ampersand is a symbol for the word "and," and the perfect visual representation of a connection. But it goes way beyond that. In its definition, the ampersand means that the two linking pieces become part of each other. In this space that is the type of connection you will find here. I want to know your stories, help you with the parts of having a photography business that you struggle with. I want to be your ally in sharing your light with the world, and give you the tools you need to feel confident doing it.