Gerie + Brandon - Intimate Leavenworth Wedding

She is strong and sweet and openhearted. He is kind and giving and a firefighter! I was thrilled to be their wedding photographer, and grateful to call them friends. 

Their special day took place in Leavenworth, WA. They booked a huge house for the occasion and their family and closest friends were invited to stay for the whole weekend. Everyone got ready together and the house echoed with laughter, some country music, and even at one point, the Macarena! 

I will never forget showing Gerie the picture I took of her shoes...she got tears in her eyes and in that moment she became a bride. A stunningly beautiful bride. 

We casually walked around the grounds taking some portraits of the Bride and Groom. They never stopped smiling. 

And then it was time to make it official. They didn't really have a plan for where they wanted the ceremony, so they just asked me what would be best for pictures. It had begun to rain a little, so I suggested the back deck. We set up a few chairs and their dear friend officiated the bringing together of their two families. As they said their vows the sun pierced through the clouds, the rain stopped and it was magic. 

We took advantage of the beautiful spot of sunshine for the family portraits and then we ate, danced and everyone took turns speaking to Brandon and Gerie's love and friendship and hopes for their future. It was such a special, intimate day, and I was so privileged to be involved. 

P.S Rowland - Author Portrait Session

Pam Rowland is the author of 2 published books of poetry. She needed new headshots and a new website designed, so she came to me. We explored my little town and got some awesome images that capture her personality and her love for what she does. Her smile is contagious! 

And here is her Squarespace website that I designed for her. So easy to navigate and matches her  brand and writing so well. Pop on over to learn more about her books and her story. She's a fabulous artists and I'm honored to know her. 

Austin - Class of 2016

This kid is just a joy. He personally requested me for his senior portrait photographer and he was so easy to work with. Smiling, conversational and up for anything. We had a blast running all over the hills together. I can't believe he's old enough to graduate from high school, but I know he's on his way to great things! 

It was after this shoot that Austin and I planned to do their family portraits too and he got his sisters in on the surprise. This family is so special to me. 

Kip + Brenna's Central Washington Wedding

I got a text from my friend Brenna a couple weeks before her wedding...she had a favor to ask me. Her wedding photographer was not going to be available anymore for her wedding and she was hoping I would be up for the task. I happily brought along my camera to take pictures for them. 

Kip and Brenna's relationship started out as a prank phone call...a text message with a picture of a creepy guy with a mullet and a mustache and some story about modeling for her. And what started out a little strange turned into lots of text messages and phone calls across the country and then a visit down to Georgia. He was a friend of her friend and this friend was totally right in thinking they'd hit it off. He's now moved to central Washington to join her as they begin their life as husband and wife. 

Here are some of my favorite images from their special day. 

This wedding party was just a blast! Brennan's sister Abi and I have been friends for years and Chris and I were actually in her wedding back in 2009. So this almost felt like a reunion! It was great to see old friends again and make new ones from Georgia. 

A sweet couple with a unique start to their love story. I was flattered that they thought of me in a pinch, and so glad I go the chance to be there to capture their special day. 

Jeff + Chelsey

Jeff and Chelsey have a fun kind of love. They are comfortable together, and playful. They are friends first and their ease together came across on camera so well. We had a lot of fun together in my favorite Soap Lake spots and I'm excited to share. 

One of my favorite things was getting their wedding invitation in the mail (which I got to design!) with one of these pictures included. That's the ultimate complement to a photographer: to share their work with others. It was such a privilege to be part of this special time in their lives. 

Kami & Justin - Engaged

These two are just adorable together. You can see how much Justin loves Kami when he looks at her. We had such a special time at their shoot. An amazing local lady in Moses Lake, WA invited us into her home for this portrait session. She had incredible props that she allowed us to use, and she had a gorgeous horse that let us fulfill Kami's photoshoot dreams. Their sweet dog Betty came along too, and she was such a good sport. 

Here are some of my favorites, and you can view the full gallery HERE

Tracy + Jason

I've known Tracy for what feels like my whole life. Our families were very close when we were growing up. And we've reconnected as adults and I'm glad to count her as a friend. I took pictures of her and her husband Jason just before they had their daughter, Nadine. And on a recent visit I asked them to get in front of my camera one more time. These are some of the images we got of just the two of them and I really love them.

Katrina - Little Sister & Musician

My littlest sister Katrina is a very talented musician. She is a singer/songwriter who has been writing her own songs for years now. I was able to spend a few days with my family in Canada and took the opportunity to capture some pictures of Katrina and film her very first video for her brand new YouTube channel. It had started snowing, and I just love the feeling the slowly falling snowflakes gave the images. I also created a logo for her and a cool header image with some of the pictures we took. 

I am really proud of the woman she is becoming, and I can't wait to see where her music takes her. Here is her logo and header image. 

And these are my favorite images. She doesn't look 16 years old, does she? She is so beautiful, inside and out. I'm proud to be her big sister. 

Kaelah & Brandon - Anniversary Photos

I had the honor of standing next to my dear friend Kaelah as she married her husband, Brandon in 2009. It was a beautiful summer-in-September day and their ceremony in the park was perfect. One of my favorite memories. Now years have gone by and these dear friends of mine celebrated their anniversary. 

Part of the celebration was a photo shoot with me! Our plans for the day and the shoot location didn’t quite turn out, so we ended up pulling over on the side of the road and spending 7 minutes taking some shots. I think these images capture their relationship perfectly… They laugh hard and love harder. 

Here are some of my favorites from our 7 minute photo shoot.

Nate & Auti - Love Session

I met Auti while doing the fall musical at Masquers together and we've forged a friendship. She is a sweetheart and makes me laugh so hard. Her and Nate, her husband, were married in June of 2014 in my favorite park in Ephrata, WA. So we decided to return to "the scene of the crime" for their fall portrait session. 

It was an early Sunday morning, the air was crisp, the light was perfection and their love for each other was so evident, even on their sleepy faces. 

I am thankful for a new friendship, and for the chance to get this sweet couple in front of my camera. Here are some of my favorites from their session.

Andy & Julie and their baby bump

Andy and Julie have been friends of ours for a few years. They helped us move into our house and whenever we always call "Handy Andy" to do things like hang the track lighting in my office and move furniture. He's good to us. We're glad for their friendship. 

They found out they are having a little boy, and he will be coming into the world in early December. I was so honored that they chose me to take some maternity portraits for them to celebrate and remember this special time in their life...the last few weeks before becoming parents. 

It was a brisk 19 degrees out on the Wednesday morning we'd scheduled the shoot. But they braved the cold and it was all made perfect when the sun came out for just the right amount of time. We took some pictures with their dog, Tank in their yard and then we went down to my favorite spot by Soap Lake. 

Their love for this baby and each other was unmistakable. I can't wait to meet their sweet little boy. 

A Vow Renewal Ceremony

Raymond and Debra celebrated 25 years together in marriage this year, and to celebrate they had a special dinner at a hidden rose garden in Soap Lake, WA and an intimate vow renewal ceremony surrounded by their kids and close friends. 

They took the opportunity to capture some family pictures and have someone on site for the ceremony. This couple is so sweet together, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and their kids better. 

I was so excited to get to shoot inside the rose garden...and believe me, it did not disappoint! Gorgeous setting for a delightful little celebration. 

Their full gallery can be viewed HERE

Jaimin - Photographer's Headshots

Jaimin is the artist behind Elated Stills Photography, and I had the pleasure of working with her on her logo and new Squarespace website this year. You can read about this process and final logo design on the blog post. Part of what we did together in building that website was take some headshots for her. 

This girl is going to do great things! I can't wait to watch her photography business grow, and I'm honored to be a little part of her story. 

Maddie & Brandon's Wedding Day

The light was perfect. The love was palpable. The friendship was touching. It was a beautiful wedding day and I was so glad to be a part of it. 

I had the pleasure of helping my friend Bre of Bre Rachelle Photographer as her second shooter for the day. I captured some of my favorite wedding images ever, and I'm so excited to share them today. 

Rachel - Class of 2016

Its the time of year for Senior portraits, and I'm so glad! I love taking pictures of young adults as they reach this point in their life. Ready and eager for the last year of high school and the rest of life afterwards. 

I took Rachel's older sister's senior portraits 4 years ago, and was so happy that the family thought of me again when it was time for Rachel's pictures. We discovered the coolest wall in Soap Lake, and had fun with different outfits and poses. We even had her sister pop in with her for a couple shots too. 

The Franks Family

This family is so, so dear to me. I used to work with the mom, April, and we got to know all the family during that time and have stayed close to them. They have their anniversary in June just like Chris and I do. This year the kids gifted them a family photoshoot for their anniversary present, and we had SO MUCH FUN together. They haven't had family pictures done since the kids were really little, so it was definitely time. 

These are my favorites from our session, and you can view the whole gallery HERE

Reese - Creative Portrait Session

This is my dear friend, Reese. She is a very talented portrait and wedding photographer from Wenatchee, WA and she runs Simple Light Photography. I was able to help Reese do a refresh on her logo and re-did her blog too with a new header and clean-up sidebar that helps to share more of who she is and what she loves. 

It was also time for some new fresh headshots. We met on a beautiful autumn morning and explored some back ally areas of downtown and found some gorgeous light. I adore her heart, her smile and what she brings to the world. 

Here are some of my favorite portraits I took of her. 

Channa & Daniel - Their Wedding Day

My friend of almost 10 years was married to her sweetheart under the big trees in Chewelah, WA and I was so glad to be the one there with a camera to capture their special day. The bride and her girls got ready at her house, doing hair and make-up and trying to stay cool in the 90 degree heat. And then we headed to their friends house where the ceremony and reception were being held in their big back yard.

These two are just best friends, which is the best way to begin a marriage. They both deserve the love they have found. 

Their full gallery of their wedding day can be viewed HERE

I tried my hand at capturing some video during their first dance and made this little video for them as a gift with their wedding song, and some of my favorite images. Not too bad for my first try! 

I also had the privilege to use another one of my skill sets for my dear friends: invitation design. Using their colors, some wood texture, yellow flowers and pictures from their engagement shoot I put together a one-page invitation. We got them printed at Costco and I was really pleased with the quality. Here is the design: 

Thank you, friends for inviting me to capture your wedding day. Your sweet love is inspiring.