Please answer these questions as thoroughly as possible and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for further instructions to begin the website design process. 

If you have a current website please leave the link below.
Your Business
Ex: not "more customers" but "an increase in 35% more customers over the next 3 months."
Please list a few other photographers in your area and/or online who you view as competitors.
website details
What pages and sections of content are important to the success of your business? What information do your customers need to hire you?
Are you wanting a blog on your website?
If yes, do you want your blog to have a sidebar or not?
Design Process
File Sharing
What file sharing software do feel most comfortable using?

Once this questionnaire has been completed and submitted you will receive an invitation to a folder that will house all the content for your website (either via Dropbox or Google Docs depending on your selection above). Please begin to compile the copy and images for each page and organize them in this folder as shown in the diagram below. Please let me know if you would like to outsource some of these tasks. I have a list of people I can connect you with to help with copywriting and content creation.