Create a Quiz to Grow Your Email List

You know those great little quizzes in magazines? The "What's your best shade of lipstick?" or "What's your dream car?" kind of quiz we can't help but take? You know you always stop, quickly go through the questions to find out if you're the type of woman to wear cherry red lipstick in a Camero or bubble-gum pink in a VW Bug, right?! 

That same need-to-know feeling can be utilized for your small business too!

You know from your time as an online entrepreneur that generating leads, growing your email list, and using it to serve your potential customers is a huge factor in your success. Maybe you have an opt-in on your site right now with a PDF resource, a mini-class or even a coupon code for your product or service. These are all great ways to connect with the people who visit your website. 

But a quiz could take this one step further for you and for them! You can do a little teaching, add a little fun and whimsy to your brand and make your business more memorable and impactful. This type of lead generation totally ups your know-like-trust factor too.  

How to use the quiz-builder to grow your email list and generate leads for your small business

You probably have seen these types of quizzes popping up (Jenna Kutcher has a really fun one!) and you can easily implement this strategy in your business too.

I've helped a couple of my clients build out quizzes (and have one in the works for myself too!) and my favorite software/application to use for this is called Interact. They're leading the charge with this exciting way to grow your email list and make more sales. 

My Quiz-Building Tips

After doing this a few times now I've got some tips to share with you for getting started, using their application and sharing your quiz out once you've got it finished. You're going to love this!

1. Start with the end in mind

Whether you choose to do a personality quiz, an assessment-style quiz, or a scored quiz (all available in the platform!) you'll save yourself a lot of headaches if you start with your quiz results all set and figured out. This will help you as you brainstorm the questions you want to ask and lead your quiz-takers to their ultimate result. 

Use Interact to build a quiz that helps you grow your email list and your small business.

2. Work from a template for your first try

You can build your quiz from scratch or start from one of their more than 100 amazing templates. They've got ones like "What are your biggest strengths?" and "How much do you know about online marketing?" and many more than can help you brainstorm ideas for your own business and the quiz you want to build. You can create as many quizzes as you want, so I suggest starting with a template first to get to know the platform and get comfortable thinking through answers and results. And the ones they have are the most successful and highly converting types of quizzes, so pay attention! 

How to use Interact to create a quiz for your small business.

3. Be sure to customize how your quiz looks to match your brand

My favorite part of using Interact to build out my quizzes is that they allow for visual customization in a few different ways. You can use your color hex codes to change button colors, the progress bar color, and you can change the text to any available Google font. Even just these small details will help keep your brand visuals consistent and be recognizable to any who take your quiz. 

Another way you can add distinct and memorable visuals is through the photos. You can add a cover photo for your quiz, use different images as part of a question even, and your results can all have corresponding images. Don't miss out on these opportunities to make your quiz match your brand! This will make it stand out, attract even more people to take your quiz and ultimately grow your email list and business. 

So ask yourself... If I put my moodboard next to my quiz, would they look like they belonged together? That's the power of having a moodboard when doing anything for your brand. So helpful, right? 

How to use Interact to create a quiz for your business.

What Comes Next

Okay, so you've got your quiz created and you know it's going to be a hit with your followers. Now It's time to start sharing it with the world! 

Interact itself has some incredible integrations allowing you to connect with your email service provider, your FB business page, and your website. It's built-in sharing feature lets you create a pop-up on your website, use it as an announcement bar on your website, set up a FB ad, embed the quiz on a landing page or your website homepage, share it with a direct link or on all social media channels. So use what they've got built in! 

And then be sure to have a system to follow-up with the people who take your quiz. Segment your subscribers based on their quiz result and then you can target them and talk to them directly with the offer you have that's perfect for them. Such a powerful selling tool! 

So, have you thought about creating a quiz for your business? Share in the comments below what you would name your quiz, and be sure to check out Interact. They've got the easiest to use and most effect quiz-building software around. You won't be disappointed!

This post includes affiliate links, 'cuz girl gotta eat! ;) Juuuust kidding. Kinda. By purchasing with these links you won't be charged anything extra; I'll just receive a small percentage back. These affiliate funds help me continue to provide awesome content for you. Thanks for being here! 

Why You Should Invest in a Logo for Your Small Business

From a consumer standpoint, it’s easy to be drawn towards the beautiful logos of our favorite businesses. But have you ever thought of why that is?

Why you should invest in a logo for your small business.

Today I want to fill you in on the true power of a logo: why you are compelled by some and repelled by others, and why you need a good one to attract the more of the right clients.

1. A logo communicates the professionalism (or lack thereof) of a brand.

Would you walk into a lawyer’s office if the name of his business was handwritten on the window with a paint marker? Probably not. Odds are, you wouldn’t take that lawyer seriously. And for good reason!

Let’s contrast that with the Nordstrom logo. Nordstrom’s logo is simple, sharp, and precise. It’s timeless design gives off the vibe of high-end fashion. If you were looking for a fashionable gown to wear to an elegant gala, Nordstrom might be the place you check first.

Do you see the difference?

One of these businesses (ahem- Nordstrom) invested in a logo that communicated their experience, professionalism, and luxurious quality. One of these businesses did not. Who do you think will attract the most customers?

2. A logo tells the story of your brand.

“You build a credible brand by staying true to who you are.” -Hilary Sawchuck

When you look at a brand as a consumer I’m sure you’d agree that this is so true! Think about Chip and Joanna Gains or Jenna Kutcher. You feel a connection to them and their brand because of who they are.

That’s how you want prospective clients to feel when they stumble across your website for the very first time: like they know you and feel a connection to you.

A great logo will foster that connection by communicating your brand’s story: its personality, values, and target audience. This is where color, font choices, visual elements, and business names come into play!

To ensure that you’ll work with more clients who fit your brand, make sure your logo is telling the right story.

3. A logo can build or damage trust with your clients.

Remember that lawyer we talked about with the hand-painted window? Picture his office for a moment.

Besides getting the impression that the lawyer doesn’t care about the appearance of his business, you might also feel a little unsettled at a deeper level.

From his “logo” alone, you might get the sense that he is unwilling to invest in making his clients feel secure, that his exterior unprofessionalism will be reflected in his work, or that he isn’t even a real lawyer at all - or he wants to take advantage of you.

The worst case scenario? He is actually the greatest lawyer in the world. But in just one glance, you’ve made up your mind: you aren’t doing business here.

No matter how good he is at his job, he’s lost your trust before you even walked through the door.

Do me a favor. Keep these three ideas in mind as you go on your next shopping trip. As you shop, look at the logos around you. Which ones communicate a story you want to participate in? Which ones turn you off? Which amazing brands do you wish had a better logo?

Then come find me on Instagram and tell me about your experience.

And if you’re ready to invest in a logo that communicates your expertise, trustworthiness, and unique brand story, I have the perfect option for you!

Custom Logos & Branding Package for the creative who is ready to completely revamp her visual branding. Let's work together to tell the right story to your potential clients and make the connections that matter, starting with your most important visual.

Celebrating Every Tiny Win

So here's a question for you today, friend: What big projects are you been working on this week? What due dates are looming ahead? What unfinished tasks are staring up at you from your to-do list?

Odds are, there are a lot of things taking up space in your mind right now.

But today I want you to take a figurative step back from that and reflect with me on your accomplishments.

Specifically, your tiny wins.

The small successes you don’t give yourself credit for often enough.

The little things you feel silly being proud of.

The things you think are “just part of the job” and don’t deserve special recognition.

A tiny win can be learning a new technique in Photoshop, meeting a big project deadline in time after struggling with time management, reaching a new follower count after working hard on your social media channels, sourcing a new branded client gift, or taking a deep breath and letting go of your perfectionist tendencies on a project.

Celebrate Every Tiny Win as an Entrepreneur

Why is it important to reflect on our tiny wins? I’m glad you asked.

  1. It grounds us in gratitude.

    When we’re caught up in the hustle, it’s so easy to forget how far we’ve already come and start blaming ourselves for not being far enough down the road. Remembering the progress we’ve made or that cool skill we’ve picked up helps us treat ourselves with more compassion and feel thankful for our unique journey.

  2. It helps us view "failures" as stepping-stones instead of the end to our story.

    When we mess up, make a mistake, or faceplant it’s easy to doubt ourselves. Often-times that doubt can paralyze us from moving forward if we believe we won’t ever be good enough or see success. But if we celebrate our tiny-wins, even in the midst of an epic fail, it’s easier to bounce back and remember that every failure gets us closer to our goal. I like to approach life from the "everything is an experiment" mentality... that way there truly are no failures. 

  3. It boosts our morale and motivation so we can do good work.

    When we regularly take time to celebrate small accomplishments, it puts us in a positive headspace and reframes our thinking. We’re much more likely to dive into our tasks when we’re feeling happy about the work we do, right? And we’ll do much better work if we’re motivated to do so.

  4. It helps us stay rested and refreshed in the midst of the hustle.

    We ALL know how it feels to be stuck in the hustle with our nose to the grindstone all. day. long. As entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to burn out. We have to protect ourselves from burn out the best we can. Aside from planning intentional vacations or weekends off the grid, we should also plan rest into our daily schedule.

    This can mean taking meaningful breaks and setting good boundaries… but I’d argue that celebrating our tiny wins can also be a great way to refresh our energy. Especially if they’re paired with a small reward, like a trip to your favorite coffee shop on your lunch break! So go on, celebrate your hard work in a tangible way! You’ve earned it.

  5. And last but not least… these accomplishments may seem tiny on the surface, but their roots run deep.

    Let’s say you’ve been battling the comparison monster but decided to take the high road and send a kind message to the Instagrammer you envy. Um, can we just take a second to celebrate that heart shift? That intentional step in the right direction is going to have a big impact on you. Maybe next time you see a post from her, you won’t feel even a hint of jealousy. Maybe it’ll even inspire you. Maybe you and the ‘grammer-next-door will even become fast friends or business partners one day.

    You never know where a tiny win can take you or how deeply it can impact you, your business, and your life.

I’d love to know… how do YOU celebrate your tiny wins? Or if this perspective is brand-new to you, how would you like to celebrate your small accomplishments? Please share your ideas below. I can't wait to hear about what works for you. 

Preparing for 2018

Its that time of year again, friends. When the cold sets in and we all start gearing up for the new year. I'm not a big fan of the snow, but I do love a fresh start! The past 2 years I created a downloadable and printable calendar to use in my office and shared it with all of you. It was a big hit, so I wanted to create one for 2018 too. I've got mine hanging on a clipboard and switch it out each month. Super fun!


Click HERE to download and print your copy today. And I'd love to see how you use it in your own space. Share on Instagram with the hashtag: #yourampersandstudio. 

2018 is going to be great! What is a business goal that you're setting? How can I support you and your big dreams? 

Remember Why You Started

Remember why you started - How to navigate the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. -

Sometimes this whole running-your-own-business thing is hard, isn’t it?

Sometimes we’re just tired. No, exhausted.
Sometimes we’re just afraid. No, terrified.
Sometimes we’re just stuck. No, paralyzed.
Sometimes we’re just worried. No, anxious. 
Sometimes we’re just burnt out. No, depleted.

In those moments it’s easy to want to close our laptops for good and hide under the covers, away from the world and our responsibilities.

Sometimes it hurts too much.

I understand. 

Business is not for the faint of heart. If you didn’t know that going in, you definitely know it now. But encountering fear, paralysis, anxiety, and stress along the way is normal.

So, so normal. You haven’t failed. You’re just hitting a rough spot, and that’s okay.

If that’s you right now, I’m here for you. I am in your corner, rooting for you. I know how you feel. I feel that way sometimes too. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that all I want to do is crawl in bed and watch Netflix for hours. Sometimes I feel like I have too many tasks and not enough time… so why try at all? Sometimes I believe the lie that I’m not cut out for business.


Today I’m here to tell you some good news that I hope will lift your heart: this too shall pass.

It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass. ;)

If I’ve learned anything in my years as a business owner, it’s that the journey of being an entrepreneur will ebb and flow.

You’ll have great days. AMAZING days. Days where you feel like you’re on top of the world. Days where you feel so ALIVE and ALIGNED and ON FIRE.

And you’ll have some so-so days. BUSY days. Days where you're head-down, laptop open and nose to the grindstone. Days where you are deep in the hustle and know you’re building something great but you still need five cups of coffee.

And then you’ll have some hard days.  

But I promise... this is normal. All of it. You’re not weird, you're not alone, and you’re not failing this business thing! You’re doing great.

Today I want to give you some advice for when you’re facing those hard days: Remember why you started. Why did you start your business? Go beyond “I wanted to earn some extra money.” I want you to get deeper than that.

Why did you start?

Maybe you started your business or side gig because you wanted to escape poverty once and for all and give your children the life you never had. 

Maybe your creativity was always championed by your dear grandmother, and after she passed away you decided that your gifts would not go unused. 

Maybe you were compelled to start a business to alleviate some of the world’s great hurt and are committed to serving others and reminding them that they are worthy.

Maybe you know entrepreneurship is woven into your very DNA and want to leave a legacy of hard work and excellence behind for those who follow.

Many times, the reason we started will make us cry. So if you’re tearing up right now as you think about your why, you're on the right track.

Remember why you started - how to navigate the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. -

My why? I'm on a mission to empower those who feel like they don't have a voice and help them to tell their story in a way that they're proud of - in a way that they think and know is beautiful. And this makes me tear up because I've gone so long feeling unheard and unseen myself, and through what I've learned and the tools I have I now know that my story is beautiful and worth sharing.

Remembering why I started is so dear to me… I know it will be dear to you too. So hold it close. 

Every time you hit a bump in the road or another valley, remember your why. Remind yourself of why you put in the work...why you were moved to do what you do...why you serve who you serve.

It truly makes all the difference.

And remember: I am inspired by you, friend, and always cheering you on. I'd love to hear about your why. Please share the reason why you started in the comments below. Let's encourage each other as we continue on this entrepreneurial journey together.