Ali Bee - New Logo Design

All-new logo design for Ali Bee - photographer and lifestyle blogger -

The very lovely and talented Ali was at the beginning stages of going through a re-brand when we connected. She is a portrait photographer for passion-driven women entrepreneurs and she encourages them through her work behind the camera and on her blog to feel happy and go after their dreams. She needed something for her new logo that was fun, but still professional looking to communicate her values to her ideal customers. 

She calls herself a professional confetti-thrower, and I LOVE that about her. This is totally reflected in her brand and personality. I was honored to work with her and eager to get to know her better. 

All of my design projects start with a brand style board that I curate from my client's own personal Pinterest boards and things they've shared online. I want it to feel really personal, because I truly believe that who we are personally has a big impact on what we share with the world. 

Here is the style board that I put together for Ali. 

Fun, playful and vibrant. Ali Bee in a nutshell. You should see all the pictures from her wedding in July! Such a gorgeous event, and totally on-brand for this special lady!

Next came the logo design concepts based on the feedback Ali gave me on her moodboard, the questionnaire she filled out at the beginning of our project, and the Skype call we had. I knew she wanted something circular in shape, script-like, and black & white to add structure to all the color she has. I was over-the-moon when she ended up picking the concept that I liked the best. Bonus!

Here is the final logo design for Ali Bee, 2 logo variations, and the letterhead design (that she ended up using for the header on her blog!). 

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.27.52 PM.png

Through pops of color, super bold script, a nod to the honeycomb, and a versatile font, Ali and I brought to life a new logo that is a perfect match for her online visual identity and growing business.

Ali's thoughts on the project: 

"My brand is all about being happy and going after your dreams. I knew I needed something fun and professional looking to reflect that. I'm a very DIY type of person, so in the past I've always done everything myself when it comes to my brand and website. With my logo, I've always really enjoyed coming up with a design, but it never looked 100% professional. There was always something a little bit off, because I know I'm not a professional logo designer! Though I was nervous about not getting to fully control the design, I really trusted Shaina to come up with something awesome. Now that I have my new logo I feel more confident in the direction my business is heading. Shaina is extremely passionate about what she does and the clients she connects with. She has the capability to immerse herself in her client's personality and brand, ultimately creating something that perfectly represents what they do. I love my new logo!"

Thank you SO MUCH, Ali for trusting me with this special project. I am excited to watch your business grow and to see your confidence build as you gain momentum in connecting with your dream clients. You have so much potential, and it was an honor to be part of your journey! 

Are YOU a photographer looking for the right design to help you communicate to and attract your dream clients? They're out there, and I know together we can create a logo, full branding suite, or website that will help you stand out online and stop those clients in their tracks. The first step? Lets chat about your business, your goals and your ideas for your brand. Book a FREE brand consultation today so we can connect and start you on your own journey to feeling as confident about your brand as you do behind your camera.