Preparing for 2016

UPDATE: Its almost 2017 now, friends! I've got you covered. Your 2017 Downloadable Calendar can be found HERE

The other day I wrote a check (who does that anymore, really?) and dated it 2009. That was just a couple days ago, right? Hehe. 

But actually its pretty much 2016. Blink and it will be the new year. I for one would love to just skip over the whole winter part of the year, but I do love to prepare. And something I decided to do this year was create a downloadable calendar to use in my office and share with all of you! 

I'm going to print mine and hang it on my clipboard wall. What will you use it for? 

Click HERE to download and print your own copy. Happy almost 2016 to you, my friends! Its going to be a great year.