Cedar + Grace - New Logo Design

All-new logo design for Treacy of Cedar + Grace - www.yourampersandstudio.com

My sweet friend, talented photographer and storyteller, Treacy and I connected a little over a year ago through Hey, Sweet Pea's My Own Irresistible Brand online class. Sisters in this journey of digging deep into our passion, we became close friends and even got to meet face-to-face this fall. I love the world I know with her in it.  


Last week she launched her new brand and brand story film for Cedar + Grace. And I was completely honored to be part of the launch team and the designer behind her brand new logo. Cedar + Grace is comfortable and inviting and supportive...like coffee with a sister-friend. Full of possibility and freedom. 

All my logo design projects begin with the curation and creation of their brand style board, which is a collection of colors, images, text and feelings that capture the essence of a brand. We use this going forward in the project to refer back to and inspire the final logo design. 

Here is the style board I created for Treacy and Cedar + Grace. 

I was completely inspired by Treacy's heart and passion for what she's created. Cedar + Grace serves as a strong and tender place to land for the busy, for the burnt out, and for the brokenhearted who are looking to see and photograph their life in a new way. The strength of the cedar. The gift of grace. 

Bringing all of this together I came up with a few different logo concepts and then we moved forward with Treacy's favorite one. And since she will be using this logo in many different ways, not just as a watermark on images, I wanted to play with color in her logo. 

Here is her final logo design and a variation option:



Through rich, meaningful colors and fonts that tell a story, Treacy and I brought to life a logo that completely encompasses the beautiful brand that has come to life. And now, click play on her brand story film (created by Kristen of Kindred Cinema). You'll get the full effect of what Cedar + Grace is, how it came to be and what it will become. You're going to want in on this! 



Treacy's thoughts on our time working together: 

I was at a really frustrating place when I turned to Shaina for this project. I was close to launching, but I had too many pieces I was trying to pull together at the last minute. I could “feel” what I wanted my brand to look like, was trying to create my own logo...and knew just enough to really mess it up! And now I have an incredible logo that perfectly pairs with my work. It’s the visual presentation of the heart and soul of what I want to communicate. Together we’ve achieved a really compelling experience for my dreamies...and a beautiful design makes a huge impact. My email list doubled on launch day and I believe that would not have happened without Shaina’s work.

Working with Shaina was an inspiring process; pure joy. It was such a cohesive experience. She’s an incredible listener and from minute one, I knew she just “got” me. She exceeded every expectation I had. From the turnaround, to the initial concepts, to the beauty of the moodboard, she nailed it. Perfectly!

I wanted to work with someone who didn’t want to just slap something together. And it’s HARD to find designers who 1) do what they say they’re going to do 2) have the skills necessary to build a beautiful brand design 3) understand what branding REALLY is 4) have the heart and soul to see beyond the periphery needs and into the depth of what’s going on under the surface 5) have the desire to connect not just professionally, but personally as well. 6) have availability to do the work in a reasonable amount of time. 7) is easy going and a DELIGHT to work with. Shaina has ALL of that and she is a RARE find. It’s just one lovely, supportive interaction after the next. She asks the right questions to get at the heart of what needs to be conveyed.

If you want an experience where you get to work with someone who is delightful, easy going, gifted, friendly, trustworthy and who will exceed your expectations, then Shaina is your girl. I am stronger because of her. She has made being brave and risking easier. I’m grateful for her investment in my brand and in me personally. Her work is the whip cream with a cherry (and sprinkles of course!) on top of my brand.

Thank you SO MUCH Treacy for letting me a part of your journey. Cedar + Grace inspires me and I cannot wait to watch it grow. Thank you for trusting me with your heart and letting me help tell the story of your brand. Love you like coconut pancakes!  

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