Your Ampersand Studio - Website Launch!

The journey to this day has been full of ups and down, struggles and triumphs, feeling like I've got it figured out, and then completely doubting myself. But deep in my heart I know that this is what I am meant to do in this world. Offer real, electric connection to you: photographers with big dreams and help you feel as confident about your logo as you do behind their camera. 

That is my big dream, and Your Ampersand Studio is how we can make that happen. 


I welcome you to this space wholeheartedly. You will find resources for you in your own business and stories of other photographers and their beginnings so we all feel a little less alone. There will be design tips, posts about my favorite fonts and how to use them together, and a monthly collection of posts, images and stories that inspire me and that I want to share with you. 

If you're looking for connection in this big industry, if you need a friend and an ally along for the journey, if you feel like your brand could use a refresh and a new logo, if you like photography and design, and if you love good stories about real life you've come to the right place. 

Your Ampersand Studio - Connection never looked so good! 


Many thanks to Elise and Scott from Hey, Sweet Pea. This idea would not have been born without them and the magic that is their class, MOIB. It has been an amazing experience learning from them and I so value their knowledge, their input and how they live and share. Thank you both. And to my fellow Irresistibles: you inspire me every day to realize, work toward and breath life into my dreams. Your support means so much to me.