Three Actionable Steps to take TODAY to Achieve Your Dreams

When you have a big dream, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. All the things on your to-do list, all the ducks to get in a nice little row. But there is truth to the saying "just start!" So today I'm bringing you the very first Your Ampersand Studio video blog with 3 actionable steps you can take today to start you on your way to achieving your big dreams. 

Three actionable steps you can take today to achieve your dreams! -

3 actionable steps you can take TODAY to achieve your dreams 

  1. Set S.M.A.R.T goals for your dreams
  2. Plan a photoshoot for yourself
  3. Book a consult with a branding design specialist

I would love to hear about the step(s) that you choose to take today, or if you have another suggestion for those looking to just start and take action to put their dreams in motion. Feel free to share in the comments or on twitter and Instagram with the hashtag: #makeaconnection. 

I am VERY excited to share that this video was created as my first assignment for the Creative Live class "Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing" with one of my favorite creatives, Becki of Whippy Cake. I get to be part of the studio audience for her class this week in Seattle!! The class starts tomorrow and you can watch it live for free. There is so much for me to learn about creating, editing and sharing videos, and I am eager to use them as a way to connect more with you and bring you informational and inspirational content with personality. 

I wanted to share this first try at a video for Your Ampersand Studio to motivate you to just start with your big dreams. This is my beginning of something new... I can't wait to learn and share more soon. Send me a tweet if you watch live @shaina_longstrt.