Today I wanted to share this image, which is a #throwbackthursday to my first photoshoot with my dear friend Bre of Bre Rachelle Photography 2 years ago this month. We took photos of each other that day, and I was using mine to launch my new business...this business...this big dream of mine. 

This picture captures the heart of what Your Ampersand Studio stand for: big dreams coming true, connection, and knowing that we're in this together - not alone behind our cameras. 

I see you. I know you. I've been you. Behind your camera you feel brave and vibrant; so happy that sometimes it feels like a secret. It is my goal and desire to help you see how capable to you really are, how deserving you are of this dream, and be your ally in sharing it with the world. 

What is your biggest struggle in your business right now? How can I meet you where you are and be of help to you?