Sara Renee Photography : Branding & Website

Sara is a super talented wedding photographer who lives here in my tiny town. We've gotten to know each other over the years, and she was a huge part of the growth of Your Ampersand Studio in the beginning when I was discovering that photographers were my dream clients. I designed her previous logo, and was so honored when she came to me for a complete rebrand and website design when she was ready. 

Branding & Website design for Sara Renee Photography designed by Shaina of Your Ampersand Studio - Read the story behind the brand and all about this talented photographer. -

Sara's brand has grown and matured a lot in the last two years, and that paired with her ideal client's personality helped us to come up with a clear vision for her brand update: creative, elegant & adventurous. 

Below is her final logo, alternate logo, moodboard and color scheme. I truly love how it all came together.

SaraRenee Photography BrandStyleBoard

Once we had her logo completed I designed some business cards and other visual collateral for her to start sharing. 


And then it was time to make it all come alive on her Squarespace website. This design began with the GoLiveHQ Banquet template as a base, and I modified from there. This is a site you need to see live to get all the little nuances and features. Its dynamic, showcases Sara's incredible photography, and since we launched, it got her completely booked out for weddings in 2017! 

Here, enjoy a quick walk-through of her homepage! 

One of my favorite things about Sara being local is that I got to shoot some new headshots for her to go along with her branding update and to use on her website. We took 20 minutes one afternoon at my favorite local spot and I captured these of her. 

Here's what Sara had to say....

I had a good foundation with clients but my online presence was lacking, to say the least. My website wasn’t strong, and that was a big problem in my eyes. I decided to work with Shaina and since then I’ve gotten more inquiries and it’s been amazing! Shaina is a gem in this world. She has great ideas and has been able to produce a clear vision, even though I was unsure about everything in the beginning. She has created some amazing-ness!

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