Logo for Dearest Olive Studio

Olive of Dearest Olive Studio and I have been online friends since meeting in Hey Sweet Pea's online branding school, My Own Irresistible Brand.** I've had the pleasure of helping a couple other MOIBers with their logos, and so I was so excited to see that Olive was looking for a logo designer. I jumped at the chance because I knew I could execute her vision and I love the heart behind her business. 

Olive is a "professional note-passer" helping brands put a little more soul into their own note-passing through copywriting and content strategy. All of her offerings (including courses!) focus on using modern tools and strategies to infuse that old school, warm fuzzy connection into copywriting, email marketing and social strategy. She had a vision of a hand-folded, origami-esk, heart-shaped note, with bright, energetic colors to help her connect with her ideal clients. 

I think together we were able to do just that! 

Here are is her finished logo, website header, colors, logo-mark and business card design. 

I am SO PLEASED with how this project turned out, and Olive was a doll to work with. Hop on over to her site to see how she implemented these colors and her new logo, and take a peek at her brand new studio too. Its just darling. You'll fall in love with Olive's style, her heart and her work. 

Olives thoughts on our time working together: 

"Before Shaina and I started working together I was constantly shifting. Pivoting. Tweaking. Moving on as soon as it's clear that something isn't working well. This logo design project was a BIG tweak for me as it encompassed a few things that either weren't serving the work or attracting my dream clients in the way or at the rate in which I hoped. And now I have a brand spankin' new logo that seamlessly integrated with my new site set-up, color shift, etc. that better suits my brand in both representation and attraction of dream clients.
Shaina was crazy easy to work with, answered questions, and gave quick responses. I really loved the way it all rolled. The most important thing I would tell others looking to work with Shaina is that she will give a professional opinion, when asked, but there's no overbearing choice or direction. I felt like each decision was mine and, when I did ask, she gave me a clear and direct answer so we could move on to the next step in the process. She is my design Unicorn!"

Thank you SO MUCH Olive for trusting me with your vision and this exciting step in the growth of your brand. My mind was spinning with ideas for you, and it was so much fun going through this process with you. All the best! 

Are YOU a photographer or creative looking for the right design to help you communicate to and attract your dream clients? They're out there, and I know together we can create a logo, full branding suite, or website that will help you stand out online and stop those clients in their tracks. The first step? Lets chat about your business, your goals and your ideas for your brand. Book a FREE brand consultation today so we can connect and start you on your own journey to feeling as confident about your brand as you do behind your camera.

**My Own Irresistible Brand - the online branding class that both Olive and I took is opening for enrollment soon! Sign up to be notified and be sure to attend Scott and Elise's free webinar next Thursday called: 7 Steps to Creating Your Own Irresistible (and profitable) Brand! Don't miss this, friends! It's changed my life. <3