Starting Off on the Right Foot

Friends, I have some wonderful news to share with you today, and the best part about it is that its about my crazy-not-so-crazy big dream coming true. I'm all about helping you reach your goals and dreams, so for me to be able to live in that same space and experience it fully is a true gift. 

As of February 15th I no longer have a "day job," but am a full-time creative entrepreneur taking Your Ampersand Studio to the next level by being able to give it my time and full attention. 


For a season working a day job and dreaming of this was the right thing, but when doors opened for me and clients and work ended up equaling (almost to the penny) what I was making at my job, I knew it was time to make the leap. I'm almost a month in, and I know this is what I'm meant to do! 

Something that has helped make this a reality is expanding into a new and different market for my design and assistant skills: I've been working as a Virtual Assistant (or VA). Mostly I've been supporting a really great blogger and small business owner helping with blog and social media graphics, post formatting, scheduling and lots of other admin and creative tasks. It has been so enjoyable, and a great use of the skills I've developed over the years. 

In doing research and learning more about this type of work I made a deeper connection with Charissa Moore, a VA herself who helps her own clients go from "drained to delegating." On Instagram I saw that she was starting a new podcast for VA's and the people who love them, and I quickly commented to share my support for her idea. And after chatting back and forth a bit she asked me if I'd like to come on the podcast and share my experience as a VA. 

Um....of course! :) 

So, I'm so excited to let you know that my episode with Charissa of her podcast "Delegation Discovery" is live! Click here to listen on Spreaker, or click "play" below. 

I thought that sharing this interview would be a fun way to announce my transition to full-time creative work and to put a little bug in your ear if you're looking for someone to help you in your photography business. I would love to be on your team to help with admin, editing, posting and social sharing. Let's chat if you think we might be a good fit! 

And as always, if you're looking for a unique approach to logo and website design, I'm so your girl. Click here to learn more about ways we can work together. I want to be an ally to you in your growing photography business. That's what connection is all about. :) 

Let's discuss!

What are some tips you have for overcoming communication obstacles when working online?
Do you use and love Asana too?
What is one of your crazy-not-so-crazy dreams?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! And thanks for joining me in my celebration of making the leap. Dance party time, friends!! :D 💃🎉