Kyle Mize Productions

All-new logo design for videography Kyle Mize. Read the story behind the brand and how we got to this logo design. -

Last year I had the privilege of helping Treacy launch her new brand: Cedar + Grace. When it was time for Treacy's son, Kyle to get a new logo designed for his video production company she suggested that he connect with me. I'm so glad she connected us, because I loved this project. 


Kyle is a very talented videographer with a passion for telling stories in a way that is compelling, honest and genuine. He's shot some of the most beautiful wedding day videos I've ever seen. 

This is how he describes himself and his love for his process: 

I’m addicted to 3 things. The first is stories, whether its listening to them or telling them. I’m equally addicted to music, especially music that helps tell a story. Beautiful imagery is the third; there’s something about light, color, and motion working together in the right way that makes me happy. If the combination of these 3 are brought together in the right way, the hair on my neck stands up. Not everyone is going to see filmmaking like I do but I want to be able to give that same experience to others. I want clients to be wowed, but not in some extravagant, over-the-top manner. Hopefully, wedding clients can watch their wedding video and feel like the film is truly about them rather than just a pretty video, and hopefully the hairs on their necks stand up too. If I make a story and turn it into a film, my hope is that someone can relate to it and feel deep emotions because of it.

Needless to say, I was so excited to work with Kyle to design a logo that would communicate all of this to his potential dream customers. 

The first step in my process is the creation of the brand's style board, which is a collection of colors, images, text and feelings that capture the essence of a brand. We use this going forward in the project to refer back to and inspire the final logo design. 

Here is the style board that I created for Kyle Mize Productions. 

After bringing all of this together I presented Kyle with 3 different logo concepts. He picked his favorite and we did a couple revisions to get it just perfect. 

Here is Kyle's final logo design and a color-blocked variation. 

Kyle has a full website in the works, but in the meantime I put together a landing page for him so he'll have a place where he can send people who are interested in his works. It's got links to his Vimeo page and his Instagram. He is so talented, and I had such fun working with him on this. 

Kyle's thoughts on our time working together: 

Before we began the project, I had always wanted a logo but never really went for it. I would just sort of type my name into my protects call it good, but something was always missing - I needed a visual brand for myself. When my mom suggested that I work with Shaina I really had no hesitations. I saw the work she did for others before we started and I trusted the process because of that. Shaina’s process was quick, simple, and effective. I felt understood the whole time and I felt like I had room to give input if I wanted to. She is responsive and clearly cares about getting the job done the right way and wants to make her clients happy. Now I just want to share my logo… with everyone!

Thanks so much, Treacy for connecting us, and Kyle for trusting me with this project and your logo. I can't wait to watch your business continue to grow and flourish. 

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