Motivation Monday: Do Anything

My friend Elise of Hey Sweet Pea recently posted this image and quote on Instagram and I was so struck by it, I just had to share here.   

I think this idea is true for so many of us working hard to start dream businesses of our own. One truth that is working hard in my life right now to combat this idea is my support tribe that I have surrounded myself with...people who believe in me and help me see that what I want to do can be my focus. They have enabled me to put my heart into this dream and business of mine. Knowing I don't have to do it alone is such an amazing feeling. Being a creative entrepreneur and a wife can feel like a hard balance for me sometimes. But my husband and I work together to keep our life and our household running smoothly. I don't get to work for myself at the expense of being a good wife in his eyes. Our story is a different than other people's and I'm so grateful for his support. 

Let's discuss! 

What does this quote mean to you?
What are some dreams you may have had to "do anything" that have been stifled by the idea that you had to "be everything" instead?
Has you found this to be true in your life, and who has perpetuated the idea for you?