Remember Why You Started

Remember why you started - How to navigate the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. -

Sometimes this whole running-your-own-business thing is hard, isn’t it?

Sometimes we’re just tired. No, exhausted.
Sometimes we’re just afraid. No, terrified.
Sometimes we’re just stuck. No, paralyzed.
Sometimes we’re just worried. No, anxious. 
Sometimes we’re just burnt out. No, depleted.

In those moments it’s easy to want to close our laptops for good and hide under the covers, away from the world and our responsibilities.

Sometimes it hurts too much.

I understand. 

Business is not for the faint of heart. If you didn’t know that going in, you definitely know it now. But encountering fear, paralysis, anxiety, and stress along the way is normal.

So, so normal. You haven’t failed. You’re just hitting a rough spot, and that’s okay.

If that’s you right now, I’m here for you. I am in your corner, rooting for you. I know how you feel. I feel that way sometimes too. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that all I want to do is crawl in bed and watch Netflix for hours. Sometimes I feel like I have too many tasks and not enough time… so why try at all? Sometimes I believe the lie that I’m not cut out for business.


Today I’m here to tell you some good news that I hope will lift your heart: this too shall pass.

It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass. ;)

If I’ve learned anything in my years as a business owner, it’s that the journey of being an entrepreneur will ebb and flow.

You’ll have great days. AMAZING days. Days where you feel like you’re on top of the world. Days where you feel so ALIVE and ALIGNED and ON FIRE.

And you’ll have some so-so days. BUSY days. Days where you're head-down, laptop open and nose to the grindstone. Days where you are deep in the hustle and know you’re building something great but you still need five cups of coffee.

And then you’ll have some hard days.  

But I promise... this is normal. All of it. You’re not weird, you're not alone, and you’re not failing this business thing! You’re doing great.

Today I want to give you some advice for when you’re facing those hard days: Remember why you started. Why did you start your business? Go beyond “I wanted to earn some extra money.” I want you to get deeper than that.

Why did you start?

Maybe you started your business or side gig because you wanted to escape poverty once and for all and give your children the life you never had. 

Maybe your creativity was always championed by your dear grandmother, and after she passed away you decided that your gifts would not go unused. 

Maybe you were compelled to start a business to alleviate some of the world’s great hurt and are committed to serving others and reminding them that they are worthy.

Maybe you know entrepreneurship is woven into your very DNA and want to leave a legacy of hard work and excellence behind for those who follow.

Many times, the reason we started will make us cry. So if you’re tearing up right now as you think about your why, you're on the right track.

Remember why you started - how to navigate the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. -

My why? I'm on a mission to empower those who feel like they don't have a voice and help them to tell their story in a way that they're proud of - in a way that they think and know is beautiful. And this makes me tear up because I've gone so long feeling unheard and unseen myself, and through what I've learned and the tools I have I now know that my story is beautiful and worth sharing.

Remembering why I started is so dear to me… I know it will be dear to you too. So hold it close. 

Every time you hit a bump in the road or another valley, remember your why. Remind yourself of why you put in the work...why you were moved to do what you do...why you serve who you serve.

It truly makes all the difference.

And remember: I am inspired by you, friend, and always cheering you on. I'd love to hear about your why. Please share the reason why you started in the comments below. Let's encourage each other as we continue on this entrepreneurial journey together.