Instagram Feed Color Audit

Handy tool to do a mini audit on your Instagram feed to see if the colors of your instagram posts are cohesive with your brand colors. -

Hello friends! Today I've got a little #tuesdaytip for you - check out this resource called @colorkuler I found recently! You add your Instagram username and see your feed's color palette. It's a great way to do a little mini audit to see if your Instagram feed's colors are cohesive with your brand colors.

Here were the results I got from my feed, and what my Instagram looks like lately.

Totally captured my pinks and turquoise color. Just need to add a few more pops of yellow.

So what about you? Head on over to, enter your Instagram name and see if the images you've been sharing are on-brand and in line with what you're hoping to create visually. And be sure to tag me over on Insta if you share. I'd love to see yours too!