Celebrating Every Tiny Win

So here's a question for you today, friend: What big projects are you been working on this week? What due dates are looming ahead? What unfinished tasks are staring up at you from your to-do list?

Odds are, there are a lot of things taking up space in your mind right now.

But today I want you to take a figurative step back from that and reflect with me on your accomplishments.

Specifically, your tiny wins.

The small successes you don’t give yourself credit for often enough.

The little things you feel silly being proud of.

The things you think are “just part of the job” and don’t deserve special recognition.

A tiny win can be learning a new technique in Photoshop, meeting a big project deadline in time after struggling with time management, reaching a new follower count after working hard on your social media channels, sourcing a new branded client gift, or taking a deep breath and letting go of your perfectionist tendencies on a project.

Celebrate Every Tiny Win as an Entrepreneur

Why is it important to reflect on our tiny wins? I’m glad you asked.

  1. It grounds us in gratitude.

    When we’re caught up in the hustle, it’s so easy to forget how far we’ve already come and start blaming ourselves for not being far enough down the road. Remembering the progress we’ve made or that cool skill we’ve picked up helps us treat ourselves with more compassion and feel thankful for our unique journey.

  2. It helps us view "failures" as stepping-stones instead of the end to our story.

    When we mess up, make a mistake, or faceplant it’s easy to doubt ourselves. Often-times that doubt can paralyze us from moving forward if we believe we won’t ever be good enough or see success. But if we celebrate our tiny-wins, even in the midst of an epic fail, it’s easier to bounce back and remember that every failure gets us closer to our goal. I like to approach life from the "everything is an experiment" mentality... that way there truly are no failures. 

  3. It boosts our morale and motivation so we can do good work.

    When we regularly take time to celebrate small accomplishments, it puts us in a positive headspace and reframes our thinking. We’re much more likely to dive into our tasks when we’re feeling happy about the work we do, right? And we’ll do much better work if we’re motivated to do so.

  4. It helps us stay rested and refreshed in the midst of the hustle.

    We ALL know how it feels to be stuck in the hustle with our nose to the grindstone all. day. long. As entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to burn out. We have to protect ourselves from burn out the best we can. Aside from planning intentional vacations or weekends off the grid, we should also plan rest into our daily schedule.

    This can mean taking meaningful breaks and setting good boundaries… but I’d argue that celebrating our tiny wins can also be a great way to refresh our energy. Especially if they’re paired with a small reward, like a trip to your favorite coffee shop on your lunch break! So go on, celebrate your hard work in a tangible way! You’ve earned it.

  5. And last but not least… these accomplishments may seem tiny on the surface, but their roots run deep.

    Let’s say you’ve been battling the comparison monster but decided to take the high road and send a kind message to the Instagrammer you envy. Um, can we just take a second to celebrate that heart shift? That intentional step in the right direction is going to have a big impact on you. Maybe next time you see a post from her, you won’t feel even a hint of jealousy. Maybe it’ll even inspire you. Maybe you and the ‘grammer-next-door will even become fast friends or business partners one day.

    You never know where a tiny win can take you or how deeply it can impact you, your business, and your life.

I’d love to know… how do YOU celebrate your tiny wins? Or if this perspective is brand-new to you, how would you like to celebrate your small accomplishments? Please share your ideas below. I can't wait to hear about what works for you.