Brand Clarity Board

Justine Sones - Brand Clarity Board

It has been said that your brand is “a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships, that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one service over another.” And having a clear visual identity and story for your brand is key to it having the impact you’re hoping for.

A Brand Clarity Board will pull together visuals, colors, textures, patterns, fonts and personality to be your guide for your brand. It will help you make decisions regarding your logo and website, what you share on social media, your marketing materials and how your brand interacts with clients.

Capture the essence of your brand in a way that enables you to keep every touch-point visually consistent in order to touch the heart of your ideal client and potential customers.

Here’s how it works!

What happens next:

  • You click the button below and fill out the questionnaire

  • I’ll take your answers to the questions in the form, dig into the type of business you have, who your ideal customers are, what you’ve shared in the past and the story you’re trying to tell

  • Then I take all that info and design a board that sits right in the sweet spot where your personal style and sensibilities overlap with the desires of your dream client

  • You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and 1 round of revisions

  • Your final Board will be emailed to you in JPG format for you to print, use, and share moving forward

What you’ll receive:

  • Brand clarity and visual inspiration

  • Something tangible to refer back to over and over again

  • A simplified process of creating visual content for your brand that you love and are proud to share

  • Freedom to spend more time doing what you love in your business and less time stressing about how it all looks


Brand Clarity Board Examples:

What People Are Saying:


This is an intuitive, heartfelt process for me and I love creating these. It’s even been said that creating moodboards is my superpower. I can’t wait to make one for you! And I’ll do it all in just 7 business days. You’re going to love having this tool for your brand from here on out, I promise!