Kip + Brenna's Central Washington Wedding

I got a text from my friend Brenna a couple weeks before her wedding...she had a favor to ask me. Her wedding photographer was not going to be available anymore for her wedding and she was hoping I would be up for the task. I happily brought along my camera to take pictures for them. 

Kip and Brenna's relationship started out as a prank phone call...a text message with a picture of a creepy guy with a mullet and a mustache and some story about modeling for her. And what started out a little strange turned into lots of text messages and phone calls across the country and then a visit down to Georgia. He was a friend of her friend and this friend was totally right in thinking they'd hit it off. He's now moved to central Washington to join her as they begin their life as husband and wife. 

Here are some of my favorite images from their special day. 

This wedding party was just a blast! Brennan's sister Abi and I have been friends for years and Chris and I were actually in her wedding back in 2009. So this almost felt like a reunion! It was great to see old friends again and make new ones from Georgia. 

A sweet couple with a unique start to their love story. I was flattered that they thought of me in a pinch, and so glad I go the chance to be there to capture their special day.