You started your business to gain freedom and flexibility, but feel more chained to your desk than ever. You’re stuck in your inbox answering the same basic questions over and over, spending more time there than actually working on projects that light you up. And to make matters worse, you keep getting inquiries from clients who aren’t a good fit.

So. Frustrating.

It’s gotten to the point where you feel an embarrassing sense of website shame when handing out business cards to potential clients that are a good fit… because you’re painfully aware of how little your website reflects the true heart of your brand.

Maybe you DIY’d your site or invested in small branding projects here and there, and it’s resulted in a visual story that’s far from cohesive. You don’t know how to create consistency across your site and social media platforms, and you just need help.

Babe, I’ve got some good news and bad news for you.

Bad news first, as always: 

Your website is letting you down. But you knew that already.



The good news? A great, strategic website can help you shake free of ALL this yuckiness you’re experiencing and:

  • Act as a 24/7 employee that never takes a holiday, answering FAQs, forging connections and trust between you and your clients, and leading visitors to the sale

  • Allow the lead-generating parts of your business to run mostly on autopilot, giving you precious time back to be present with your family and loved ones

  • Help you market your services in an authentic and original way with confidence and know-how, establishing your expertise

  • Boost your professionalism, increase your chances of being hired by the right clients, and allow you to raise your prices so you can scale your biz


Hi, I’m Shaina, your partner in branding and strategic web design!

I help visionary female entrepreneurs (just like you!) make connections that matter, one visual at a time, with beautiful brands and Squarespace website design. If you’re ready to clarify your brand’s visual story and get your freedom back, I’d love to be your guide. Together we’ll create an online home base for your business that works 24/7 to help you make the connections that matter, share your offerings clearly and concisely, book highly-targeted clients, and scale your business so you can enjoy a meaningful life rich with JOY (you know, the whole reason you started your biz in the first place)! And once your brand is in place, we’ll make your new website happen in JUST SEVEN DAYS.

Here’s how it works:

Day 1 | Expect an email from me to celebrate the start of your project. All of your homework, website content, and images are due today and I'll take the branding we've designed together and dive right into designing the mockup of your website!

Day 2 | I’ll provide a PDF mockup of each web page by end of day so you can see how your redesign is coming together. I’ll need your stamp of approval.

Day 3 | Once I have approval, I begin building your site in Squarespace using the mockups as our guide. While I’m bringing the vision to life, you’ll sit back and relax.

Day 4 | We’ll jump on a call and I’ll show you a virtual tour of how your website is coming together. You’ll take notes for changes and revisions, and then take the night to sleep on it.

Day 5 | When you feel confident in your notes, you’ll submit any revision requests to me and I’ll start making those changes.

Day 6 | After I’ve made your revisions, you’ll receive an email with a link to view your live, unpublished site. I’ll deliver this by end of day.

Day 7 | You give your final approval, we’ll make sure all links and URLs are correct, we’ll take your site LIVE, and I’ll transfer ownership to you.

Day 8 | It’s launch day! It’s time to share your all-new brand and killer website with the world - and start making money, honey! ;)


Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • 30 minute brand consultation call
    We’ll meet on Zoom to discuss your brand needs, prep and plan for your new website

  • Password-protected branding homework
    Before we get started on your design, you’ll complete some branding homework through my very favorite project workflow software, Asana

  • Moodboard, full logo and submark creation
    Moodboard, one logo concept + 2 revisions, and 1 submark

  • Brand collateral for social media, launching and beyond
    Branded Facebook page (cover photo and bio image), business card and/or letterhead design, launch graphics to share your new website

  • 5-page website design in Squarespace
    A customized, mobile-responsive website with up to 5 pages of design (home, about, gallery/portfolio, services, contact pages) and opt-in/newsletter set up - you become the owner of your site at the end of our project *Squarespace membership required (Fee not included in my design package, but I can get you a discount! Details below.)

  • Video walkthrough of your site
    Easy tutorials to help you navigate and update your site after your project is finished

  • Brand style guide delivered at end of project
    Your entire brand all wrapped up in a beautiful PDF style guide for easy access and your reference (along with guidance on how to use this document for your brand going forward)

  • Limited support after project close
    Need some hand-holding? I’m here for you, babe. Clients get 1-on-1 support from me for the duration of their project and 3 months afterwards to make sure everything is working perfectly!

Imagine if your website reflected your heart and the quality of your work, and attracted your ideal clients like CRAZY!

Imagine handing dozens of business cards out as soon as you launch, because the website shame you once carried is GONE!

Imagine if every time you visited your website, it felt like COMING HOME!

With Website in a Week, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

This offering is for you if...

  • You are 2-4 years into your business, ready to invest in your brand, and eager to take the steps necessary to see your business GROW and THRIVE

  • You spend so much of your time replying to potential client questions and wish your website could do the heavy lifting for you, so you could work on projects that light you up

  • You’ve been feeling “website shame” and are embarrassed to hand out your business cards to clients you’d love to work with

  • Your current website doesn’t reflect your brand as well as you know it could - but you’re not sure how to capture your vision

  • The website you have now isn’t turning your site visitors into buyers, and you know it’s because the branding doesn’t speak to them

  • You’re ready to dive in and get the work DONE in a short time frame so you can get back to doing the work you LOVE

This offering is NOT for you if...

  • You struggle with indecision so much that you can’t take a step forward

  • You have a hard time letting go of creative control, and don’t trust expert wisdom

  • You aren’t able to commit to firm deadlines

  • You aren’t willing to do your part to find the budget for this project (yep, I’m going there - you’ll find the budget if it’s a priority to you!)

  • You are so new to business that you haven’t nailed down your brand basics (you don’t know who your dream client is, what their preferences are, or how you want to serve them) - I’d love to chat in the future when you’re ready!

Pricing You’ll LOVE

Website in a Week

Includes everything mentioned above.
You provide your own web copy + photography.


Not quite ready for website design?

Looking for more? This package includes custom copywriting and photography too!


What Happy Clients Have Said


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How long will this really take?

I book project start dates one month in advance. Before our project starts, we’ll meet for our 30 minute brand consultation call so we’re both on the same page when it comes to your brand, your ideal client, your offerings, and what you need from your website. Then you’ll start filling out your branding homework. All your tasks and due dates will be organized in Google Drive where we can work collaboratively to get all the details together that you’ll need for your new site. Expect this to take up to 2 weeks - longer if you need to hire out for brand photography and copywriting or create this content yourself.

Your final homework due date kicks off the beginning of the 7-day website design portion of the project. A PDF mock-up of each page will be supplied by end of day on Day 2 for your approval. Pages will be implemented Day 3 and on Day 4 we’ll jump on a call for a live walk-through via Zoom chat. Your edits will be submitted to me on Day 5 with my edits given back for your review on Day 6, final approval and ownership transfer on Day 7, and website LAUNCH on day 8.

Our project timeline will be clearly laid out in your Welcome Packet so you know every detail (including your launch day - get excited!!!) before you book with me. :)

+ What are the deliverables I get to keep?

You’ll get to keep your moodboard, brand style guide (with fonts, patterns, colors and all logos), and brand collateral, and I’ll transfer website ownership over to you once the project is complete. All design files will be packaged up digitally for you and transferred via Dropbox or Google Drive - whichever works best for you.

+ Do I have to pay you AND Squarespace?

Yes. Squarespace is your website host, and you must purchase a subscription with them for your site to go live and stay up online. You can choose to pay monthly or annually, and this is a separate charge from your design fee.

Because I am a Squarespace Circle member, I can get you a 20% discount on your first year if you are using Squarespace for the first time and I am the one who sets up the site (you must select the annual plan). You are not eligible for the discount if we’re editing a Squarespace site you currently own.

+ Got another question?

Feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to help!

Isn’t it time your website reflected the true heart of your brand?

Isn’t it time your website made attracting your dream clients EASY?

Isn’t it time your website became a 24/7 employee that takes care of all the heavy lifting FOR YOU?

Say it with me, Babe!

It’s time!

Book your consultation call today and start your brand transformation now!