Why You Should Invest in a Logo for Your Small Business

From a consumer standpoint, it’s easy to be drawn towards the beautiful logos of our favorite businesses. But have you ever thought of why that is?

Why you should invest in a logo for your small business.

Today I want to fill you in on the true power of a logo: why you are compelled by some and repelled by others, and why you need a good one to attract the more of the right clients.

1. A logo communicates the professionalism (or lack thereof) of a brand.

Would you walk into a lawyer’s office if the name of his business was handwritten on the window with a paint marker? Probably not. Odds are, you wouldn’t take that lawyer seriously. And for good reason!

Let’s contrast that with the Nordstrom logo. Nordstrom’s logo is simple, sharp, and precise. It’s timeless design gives off the vibe of high-end fashion. If you were looking for a fashionable gown to wear to an elegant gala, Nordstrom might be the place you check first.

Do you see the difference?

One of these businesses (ahem- Nordstrom) invested in a logo that communicated their experience, professionalism, and luxurious quality. One of these businesses did not. Who do you think will attract the most customers?

2. A logo tells the story of your brand.

“You build a credible brand by staying true to who you are.” -Hilary Sawchuck

When you look at a brand as a consumer I’m sure you’d agree that this is so true! Think about Chip and Joanna Gains or Jenna Kutcher. You feel a connection to them and their brand because of who they are.

That’s how you want prospective clients to feel when they stumble across your website for the very first time: like they know you and feel a connection to you.

A great logo will foster that connection by communicating your brand’s story: its personality, values, and target audience. This is where color, font choices, visual elements, and business names come into play!

To ensure that you’ll work with more clients who fit your brand, make sure your logo is telling the right story.

3. A logo can build or damage trust with your clients.

Remember that lawyer we talked about with the hand-painted window? Picture his office for a moment.

Besides getting the impression that the lawyer doesn’t care about the appearance of his business, you might also feel a little unsettled at a deeper level.

From his “logo” alone, you might get the sense that he is unwilling to invest in making his clients feel secure, that his exterior unprofessionalism will be reflected in his work, or that he isn’t even a real lawyer at all - or he wants to take advantage of you.

The worst case scenario? He is actually the greatest lawyer in the world. But in just one glance, you’ve made up your mind: you aren’t doing business here.

No matter how good he is at his job, he’s lost your trust before you even walked through the door.

Do me a favor. Keep these three ideas in mind as you go on your next shopping trip. As you shop, look at the logos around you. Which ones communicate a story you want to participate in? Which ones turn you off? Which amazing brands do you wish had a better logo?

Then come find me on Instagram and tell me about your experience.

And if you’re ready to invest in a logo that communicates your expertise, trustworthiness, and unique brand story, I have the perfect option for you!

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